HR Policies & Employee Handbook

What is an HR Policies / Employee Handbook?

The HR policies and Employee handbooks form the backbone of an organization. These documents consist of all the details regarding the treatment to be given to the employees in the organization and help the employees in recognizing the culture of the organization.

Such documents clearly define the benefits to be provided to the employee, various procedures as followed in the organization, and the standard of work maintained in the workplace. In case there is an issue from either the side of the employer or the employee, the HR policies and Employee handbook prove the necessary source of information to be adhered to in order to resolve the issue.

How does our HR Policies / Employee Handbook stand out?

We prepare the HR policies and Employee Handbook with utmost objectivity and comprehensibly so as to make the standard of the document and consistent in approach, as well as free from any complexity or overlap.

We help our clients develop and implement HR policies that are benchmarked to best practices and mitigate legal risks. For this reason, we have been trusted by the government, SMEs, and Startups to advise and enhance their HR policies.

How Do We Deliver?

Studying the current HR policies and process of the client

Auditing the HR policies and procedures manual of the client

Formulating and aligning to local laws and organizational culture

Developing robust as well as compliant HR policies and procedures

Benefits Clients Get!

Help management to make decisions that are consistent, uniform, and predictable

Beautifully crafted HR Policies boost employee engagement and morale

Keep employees on the same page and streamline the business

For smaller organizations, a desire to develop a more formal and consistent approach

Reduce company’s exposure to employee liability